Happy Earth Day!! This is the start of a long sustainable journey together.

Welcome everyone! A passion for sustainability inspired Thoughtful Market. I am always searching for more sustainable and natural alternatives for my everyday products. Even though eco-friendly options are growing in popularity, they can still be more expensive and hard to find. This is why I wanted to create a business that supported sustainability and recycling. I believe that everything in life should be sustainable, whether in consideration of your shopping choices or what you choose to spend your time and energy to accomplish. Every day we should make thoughtful choices for our lives and our planet. I plan to explore all sustainable replacements for single-use essential household items.

I have started with soap. This process has been so fulfilling and inspiring. I have learned more about chemistry by researching and making a few batches of soap than what I learned during my semester of College Chemistry. I never understood the possibilities of chemistry before this exploration. I’ve learned about chemical reactions from Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), different oil levels for moisturizing, and how much essential oil or botanical to add.

However, soap is just the start. I plan to expand my cosmetics options with bath salts, lip balms, lotions, deodorants, reusable cotton makeup rounds, loofas, and shampoo bars. Kitchen and household goods include candles, bowl covers, tote bags, reusable snack bags, and crocheted soap pockets. These products will be made with natural or recycled materials, not adding to the large amounts of waste some businesses can create. I continually search for sustainable packaging options that are still aesthetically pleasing.

I have never been able the throw out that old ripped shirt or adorable glass yogurt jar. This passion has pushed me to create a space where those well-loved fabrics or single-use packaging can be made into something new and beautiful. I have many big plans for this company, and I can’t wait to include you in our growth.

That is why, with the start-up of Thoughtful Market, I have also decided to include a new blog. Sustainably Yours is where I will share all the knowledge I have gained on living sustainably and naturally. I spend vast amounts of time researching sustainable alternatives and natural options for almost everything. The information that I have learned needs to be shared with anyone who may be asking the same questions. It can be challenging to sort through all the information available online. I want to share everything I find and create with a community interested in learning about the same things. I plan to include some special guests in my blog. Many of my friends have so much knowledge to share on natural living and sustainability.

I am incredibly excited to start this new chapter of my life. There is much learning and exploring to do, and I plan to share all that I can with you. I hope to inspire others to make thoughtful choices in everything they do and encourage sustainability and healthful living. Happy Earth Day! Our sustainable journey begins.

Sustainably Yours,


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